Magicband Charms

Unlock the Magic with Disney Charms for your MagicBand!

Bring your Disney MagicBand to life with our enchanting collection of Disney Charms! Our wide range of charms features all your favorite Disney characters, from classic favorites like Mickey and Minnie Mouse to modern classics like Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Our Disney Charms are designed to fit perfectly onto your MagicBand, allowing you to personalize your band and show off your Disney style. Choose from a variety of styles, from adorable cartoon charms to sparkling crystal charms, and add a touch of Disney magic to your wrist.

Works perfect on your magicband!

Not only do our Disney Charms add a unique and fun touch to your MagicBand, but they also help you easily identify your band in a crowd. With so many people wearing MagicBands at Disney parks, our charms make it easy to spot your band and keep track of your belongings.

Don’t settle for a plain and boring MagicBand. Add some Disney magic to your wrist with our collection of Disney Charms today and unlock the true magic of Disney!

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